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Xativa in the La Costera region of the Northern Costa Blanca Spain

Find out more about the area Xativa Valencia Spain and why the La Costera region is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Spain.

All about the area that The On The Hill located in

San JoseThe house on the hill is in the La Costera region of the Northern Costa Blanca also known as the Orange Blossom Coast. This is 45 minutes south of Valencia and 1½ hours North of Alicante, served by a good network of new roads. An area of outstanding natural beauty. Mountain views, scenic valleys and traditional villages.  
The Spanish villages of Barxeta and Lloc nou d'en Fenollet (Lugar Nuevo de Fenollet) are less than 1 km away,Xativa Hermitage and offer shops and bars. Xàtiva the monumental town is 3 miles away and offers a rich historical and artistic heritage. The Spanish town of Xativa has a Historical castle that dominates the landscape. Walk around the battlements for views of Xàtiva with its palaces and squares and the valleys beyond. Xativa Castle Wash fountain Xàtiva has everything from medieval Roman cobbled streets and markets to vibrant modern shopping areas. There are many restaurants, cafes and bars to suit every taste and time of day.

Strategically placed on the gentle slope of the Sierra del Castillo, surrounded by natural elements that furnish the landscape La Seowith an indescribable beauty. The Vía Augusta, once passed close to the municipality, and reveals the important position held by the municipality long ago in Roman times, preserved today on its own merits having been declared a historical - artistic site. Home to the painter José Ribera, The Españoleto and two Popes from the Borja dynasty, Xátiva’s importance has stood out over centuries. In the XI century Europe's first paper mill was installed in the city – paper made from straw and rice, today is still known as "Xativi" paper. From the middle of the XIII century to the beginning of the XVIII century it was the second city in terms of political importance and population in the kingdom of Valencia. As with all important and coveted cities, Xátiva also had a dark era with the arrival of the Borbone family with Philip V, after winning at the battle of Almansa, he ordered the expulsion of the "setabenses" and to burn the city. In recollection of this insult, the village preserves a portrait of the monarch hung upside down in the l'Almodí museum.

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